Give a Helping Handto children Give a Helping Handto children Give a Helping Handto children
Give a Helping Hand
to children
To Help Improve Special & Troubled Lives
Give a Helping Hand
to children
To Help Improve Special & Troubled Lives
Give a Helping Hand
to children
To Help Improve Special & Troubled Lives


Our Mission

To improve the lives of those who are most needy and disadvantaged.
To provide shelter. To help those who are down.
To love, to support and to respect all.
To carry out the work as necessary.
To provide education, therapy, food and supplies to those who are most in need.
To offer support to children with special needs through our day care centre program.
To change a life through education, therapy and skills.
To change a day through fun, laughter and love.

About WHISTLE Charity Ireland

Whistle was founded following many years of volunteering in the slums and dumps of Mukuru, Nairobi.
Whistle identified the basic human needs of those who suffer daily on the streets, in the slums and on the dumps of Mukuru…

Worthy Cause

Worthy Cause
Help WHISTLE Ireland to achieve our goal and make a difference in someone’s life today. For us, We believe the ‘little things’ count.
WHISTLE Charity builds on the ‘little things’ that make a ‘big difference

What Can You Do

We like to take people out of their comfort zone and get them outdoors to our events.

Charity to change a young child’s life so to change their adult future

By making a charitable contribution today to the education of a child, the nourishment of a child and the skills of a child can help us to help these children.  We strive to secure their future to pave the way for bright minds, full bellies, a skill, a will …. a way. We choose not where we are born, we choose not to whom we are born. We can however choose to help those who have no means to help themselves. We are humankind. Humans being kind.

We Help Improve Special & Troubled Lives

On the ground projects

Joy dis

Joy Slum School

Joy Slum School.  Joy Slum school is primary school to presently 516 pupils. We work with Joy Slum School when…

Shimo dump walk

Shimo Dump

Shimo dump is exactly what it says, a dump, a rubbish dump. A dump in which families live in slums.…

On The Ground Projects

Whistle is a ‘hands on and on the ground’ charity. We identify a need; we act on that need as…

Upcoming Events

Due to COVID19 we are currently unable to book any indoor events.

Carauntoohill, Irelands highest peak
12:00 am - 12:00 am Dublin Caroline Cullen
Carauntoohill, Ireland’s highest peak

Carauntoohill, Irelands highest peak

12:00 am - 12:00 am Ireland Caroline Cullen


12:00 am - 12:00 am
JFK 50 mile challenge in Kerry

JFK 50 mile challenge Challenge in Kerry. We are having our first GoFundMe weekend event due to the on-going Covid19

Awesome team

Our Volunteers

Founder & Chairwoman

Caroline Cullen 

Founder of Whistle

I am so immensely proud of Whistle as are all my family. It is a small charity that makes such a big difference on the ground. We are committed to the work we do, we are a hands on charity.

Peter Hosey



To be part of the Whistle family is a real honour. To be a part of the work we do is a privilege..



I first became interested in charity work when I trekked for Barretstown to Vietnam in 2006. This was where I met Caroline and we continued our friendship by going on other treks together and finally helping to build an orphanage in Lesotho.

Colm Coates



It started as a once off trip to help out, now I’m hooked and will continue to be hooked for as long as I can.

Can you help?

Would you like to be a volunteer, step this way. We are looking for volunteers to help us build in June 2022. You will be in both rural Nairobi and Nairobi City. You will be ‘hands on, on the ground’ volunteer. You will build, you will visit mud houses and slums, you will visit families, you will visit centres, you will be a part of their world for 2 weeks. Its a life changing experience, one that will humble you bring you great joy. It will be both sad and rewarding. You will be in the best of hands at all times. To learn more…...

Thank you

for your

on-going support

and continued

donations !!!!

Open Day Whistle Daycare Centre in Nakuru.

We are hugely proud of our Whistle Daycare Centre, it was officially opened on 25th February 2020. It is a beautiful building providing much needed services to children with a disability in Nakuru. Nakuru is in an area of extreme poverty.