About Volunteering in Whistle

What can you do

Would you like to be a volunteer, step this way. We are looking for volunteers to help us build in June 2022.
You will be in both rural Nairobi and Nairobi City. You will be ‘hands on, on the ground’ volunteer.
You will build, you will visit mud houses and slums, you will visit families, you will visit centres, you will be a part of their world for 2 weeks.
Its a life changing experience, one that will humble you bring you great joy. It will be both sad and rewarding.
You will be in the best of hands at all times.
We would love if you can join us on outdoor events we are holding going forward.

Whistle Facebook page will have all events posted, like our page for upcoming events and to see our trips first hand.
Can you complete a walk, a run, a coffee morning in aid of Whistle?
Would you like to make a monthly donation €5, €10, €15, €20. Any amount would help hugely.
We are unable to have any indoor events due to COVID19 however any/all ideas are welcome.
We have annual trips to Nairobi, keep updated on our website or on our Whistle Facebook page. Support our events; We have numerous events which include Wonderful Nights Out, Marathons, Mountains, Skydives, treks, walks etc. If you are looking to step outside your comfort zone, look no further. Keep updated on our website or on our Whistle Facebook page. Be an active Whistle fundraiser; Hold a coffee morning, complete a sponsored walk, bake some cakes etc. We would welcome and we are always open to new fundraising idea’s. Donate; weekly, monthly