About Whistle

Welcome to the wonderful world of Whistle.

Our charity registration number is 20204869. Our website is www.whistleireland.com

Whistle was founded following many years of volunteering in the slums and dumps of Mukuru, Nairobi.
Whistle identified the basic human needs of those who suffer daily on the streets, in the slums and on the dumps of Mukuru. We work with children who are displaced through abandonment, addiction, poverty and sadly abuse. We also work ‘hands on’ with the  families and schools in the slums/dumps of Mukuru. We have built solid foundations of friendship with these people we now call our family in a country we now call our home from home. The wonderful work of the trustee’s and the volunteers have lead to lifetime bonds of love and trust to those whose daily struggles are that no human being should suffer. We pride ourselves on our ‘on the ground’ personal work. We identify needs and we act on those needs. From the basic human basic needs of food, shelter, clothing to bringing big broad fun smiles to children who have forgotten how to smile to refurbishments of buildings to building of buildings, we act on as required as our budget allows.

In recent years we have expanded our work further afield to the more rural Nakuru in Nairobi. We have proudly opened our first day care centre in Solai Nakuru, Whistle Daycare Centre. It provides education, physiotherapy, food, transport and necessities for 25 babies, children with special needs. The special needs of these babies, children range from mild to severe. Some of these children have sadly developed their disability through malnourishment and poverty.

We are committed to helping these babies/children/people. We are committed to helping their communities.
Whistle wants to make it both accessible and affordable for all to volunteer. Everyone should volunteer at least once in their lifetime. You do not have to be a teacher; you do not have to be a doctor or a nurse. All we require is that you are have a willing and good heart. Whistle is proudly run and operated completely on a volunteer basis only. 100% of monies raised goes directly to projects on the ground in Nairobi. We would love to welcome you to our Whistle family and our home from home.

We hope you enjoy looking at and reading the content of our website.
Kindest regards,
The Whistle Team

Charity to change a young child’s life so to change their adult future

By making a charitable contribution today to the education of a child, the nourishment of a child and the skills of a child can help us to help these children.  We strive to secure their future to pave the way for bright minds, full bellies, a skill, a will …. a way. We choose not where we are born, we choose not to whom we are born. We can however choose to help those who have no means to help themselves. We are humankind. Humans being kind.

We Help Improve Special & Troubled Lives

Whistle Daycare Centre

We are hugely proud of our Whistle Daycare Centre, it was officially opened on 25th February 2020. It is a beautiful building providing much needed services to children with a disability in Nakuru. Nakuru is in an area of extreme poverty.
The children and the families of the children living with disabilities are among those who are most in need. There is much stigma associated with children who have a disability. Parents often, especially so in the past have hidden their children in order to avoid stigma. Many children with disabilities are reared by single parent families which increases their poverty. Shockingly, it is quite common to hear insults shouted at those with disabled children and to mock the children living with disabilities. It has taken many years to improve awareness and acceptance of these children into society and there remains to be a long way to go.
Our annual sponsorship of Whistle Daycare Centre includes.
3 full time teachers.
1 Physiotherapist (Physio 4 day a week).
Food /Nappies etc
Weekly Cost of Food (breakfast, snack and lunch)
Nappies / Detergents etc. (Most Children who attend need Nappies)
Transport for Children who struggle to attend Day Centre due to distance etc.
Whistle Daycare Centre Opens from 6.30 am to 4.30 pm Monday to Friday to facilitate drop off and collection of Children to allow parents – Guardian’s work.
Whistle Daycare Centre activities run from 8.30 am to 3pm Monday to Friday.
Whistle Day Centre has a major impact on so many lives, not just those who attend but their families. It is used for Monthly Disability Socials; it is a Library where local kids can learn to read and speak functional English at weekends. It is also the base for the Sport for all program street leagues every Saturday morning.
Whistle Daycare Centre is making a difference in over 300 real lives. That is major achievement for such a new project.
Please note that at times when Whistle Daycare Centre was closed throughout the COVID19 pandemic, teachers were paid and food was regularly distributed to the children and their families.