Joy Slum School

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Joy Slum School. 

Joy Slum school is primary school to presently 516 pupils. We work with Joy Slum School when on the ground in Nairobi. All pupils who attend this school live within the slums. They love when Whistle visits as it is a day when they know they will be fed. It is a joy to feed all these children. They are told to bring a plate and a spoon to school on the day that we are visiting so they can have their rice and beans. We have been known to feed over 1,000 + as we ensure all in the vicinity of the slum school come for food. During COVID19 we have had distribution of food to these children on a few occasions. Again, as with Shimo dump we had to cease distribution for a short time on the grounds of health and safety for others.  We have thankfully resolved the issues and food distribution is successfully back up and running.