On The Ground Projects

Whistle is a ‘hands on and on the ground’ charity. We identify a need; we act on that need as we see. Over the years we have acted on needs identified both small and big.

We have refurbished and rebuilt as necessary in quite tight schedules. We have a great team, and we always succeed within our deadline. Our days are long, they are hard, but they are most rewarding. Some of the more recent and on-going ‘on the ground’ projects we have worked on from small to big are.

    • Assisting some boys move out of the rehab centre into their own slum within Mukuru.
    • Electricity is sought and paid for. Beds are bought, food is purchased.
    • Medical expenses; case by case.
    • Clothing and footwear bought as needed.
      Mosquito nets bought as needed.
    • Schoolbooks, schoolbags, stationary, uniforms bought where needed.
    • Toys, blankets, food bought for creche.
    • Food distributed throughout communities when need is identified.

  • Refurbishment of MPC Rehabilitation Centre April 2018.
  • Refurbishment in MPC Rehabilitation for outside kitchen area July 2018.
  • Refurbishment in MPC Rehabilitation to incorporate a dormitory for boys over 18 years, April 2019.
  • Refurbishment in MPC Rehabilitation to put in ceiling in over 18 years dormitory and cut of windows for ventilation. Plumbing and painting of outdoor toilets, March 2020