Shimo Dump

Shimo dump walk


Shimo dump is exactly what it says, a dump, a rubbish dump. A dump in which families live in slums. Imagine, living in a slum on the dump with your children. We have met some of the nicest people in the world living on  this dump. Many I have known for many years. We have always had food distributions in the dumps in our absence however during the onset of COVID19 our food distributions became more frequent. Initially, Whistle sent over the finances to secure face masks for all in the dumps as the authorities have no leniency whatsoever for these people. While they have no means to buy face masks they were at least beaten severely for non-compliance. It is more ‘on the ground’ that most of our work is done with/on Shimo. While we had many food distributions throughout COVID19 we had to stop for a while due to a few factors out of our control. When trust is broken and the distribution of food leads to fighting it is time to put the health and safety of others at the fore. Where there is hunger there is a kill or be killed mentality. Only when one can relate to this can one understand the mentality. It is not a reflection of these people.  We have thankfully resolved the issues and food distribution is successfully back up and running.