Louise McClean

Louise McClean

In 2018 I got involved with Whistle mainly through Caroline and Ann. Initially I was so impressed at how much hand on work Caroline did with this charity.

The most impressive thing at the start was how involved she was directly on the projects in hand and her direct links with key people in Africa.

In April 2018 about 14 of us went over to Nairobi to help with the Orphanages building and funding projects. I was so taken back by the devastation there, much more than I expected. But was so impressed that the direct impact of funds that were raised was having. Caroline and the team first handed saw exactly where each penny went and, in some cases, ensured that they saw physically the attributes that it made to the lives of the children, their parents and the schools. What really stood out for me though was how hands on the love and care that Whistle brought during the time over there we gave our time to the children listened danced and, in some cases, taught them that they are cared for and loved. It was thoroughly a life changing experience and I attribute positive changes in my personal life to the things that I brought home with me from my time there. I loved it that much I went over two months later again.


Caroline herself dedicates so much of her personal life to the charity and is very accurate in her dealings with the key contacts there. She is highly respected on every level there and completely understands the costs and negotiates the best prices for building/ school supplies, but most importantly is kind, empathetic and really lends hope to those who are most in need.


The premises of the name of the charity Whistle is around family and the importance of instilling family values and love to those in need and its most certainly what the charity brings to those who are most in need.