Michelle Martin Boylan

Michelle voluntee

When I first decided to volunteer for Whistle, I wasn’t in a great place emotionally & mentally, I needed a big shake up to wake up.

I decided to take myself completely out of my comfort zone and do something I never thought I would be capable of doing, going to the slums of Nairobi Kenya.

I was apprehensive, the unknown scared me, my mind went in circles thinking of this and that, but there was no need. I was instantly caught up in the children’s smiles, the parents’ gratitude, these beautiful people who had nothing yet gave us their love and smiles, welcomed us with open arms.

Working with the many different projects was amazing, seeing a need and providing it at ground level is what Whistle does best (amongst other amazing bigger projects), basic needs like food, water, clothing, medicine etc. was provided to those who needed it, instantly.

I never knew these levels of poverty existed, there’s poor and then there’s levels below that, which would break your heart.

One of my worries before I left was, what if I cry looking at people, I was worried my pity would embarrass them. It is not like that though, I got so caught up in the moment there was no room for it. In the evening we go home and reflect, talk with the other volunteers and maybe shed a tear then, and that is ok.